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Our process has you run on the treadmill for approximately 30 seconds while recording your natural foot landing. At a comfortable fast pace, we can then review your foot strike and work together to determine the right shoe.




Functional running shoes are by far the most important piece of equipment that a runner can own. The right running shoe may help prevent injury, improve running gait in a way that it becomes more efficient, and help you run with proper alignment of your body. All runners need the best protection that running shoes can provide - the running shoe needs to absorb shock, control motion, and be both flexible and durable.  


There is no "best" running shoe since every runner is different, every brand is different, and each model of shoes fits differently. The challenge, and our specialty, is to match the features of each runner to the features of a particular model of running shoes. For example, with overpronation the ankle collapses, which causes the joint surfaces to function at unnatural angles to each other. When this happens, joints that should be stable are now very loose and flexible.



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